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Generally, treating anxiety disorders consists of either psychotherapy (Individual or group), medication, or both, depending on the case. The need for drug treatments arises in more severe cases or more persistent symptoms.

In fact, there is the World Health Organization, which is constantly concerned with finding more and more effective and faster ways to combat the health problems facing society.

Anxiety is at the forefront of these concerns, as statistics say that 1 in 3 people will suffer from some form of anxiety disorder during their lifetime.

The causes of anxiety are many and have been detailed in the previous article. The physical symptoms of anxiety can be mistaken for symptoms of many other illnesses. That’s why they are very misleading.

Scientific studies and research are constantly being carried out to combat the effects of anxiety and help people.

The latest studies indicate that in addition to psychiatry and psychotherapy there is one more thing that helps a lot in this process. It is psychoeducation that is very effective in reducing anxiety states.

Psychoeducation aims to teach people about anxiety and the states they experience and to develop a specific set of skills to combat the effects of anxiety disorder.

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Anxiety Treatment – PSYCHIATRY

In whatever way anxiety disorders manifest themselves: such as generalized anxiety, panic attacks, phobias or public displays affect us emotionally more than we might think.

The most important thing to do is to talk to a specialist about your condition. You usually have this discussion with your Attending Physician. Because it’s a disorder, he/she will recommend you talk to a specialist. In this case it is the Psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a graduate of a medical school and specializes in the treatment of all mental disorders.

This is the person best able to assess your condition and give you a correct diagnosis.

Depending on the symptoms you have and their severity, they may or may not prescribe medication for anxiety.


Medication does not cure anxiety.

They reduce or make disappear the anxiety states and traumas you have.

Nowadays there are very effective drugs for treating anxiety symptoms. Their effect is usually fast and they are also affordable.

If medication for anxiety is not taken as directed by your doctor, the effects will not be good. If the medication is discontinued, in more severe cases of anxiety, the symptoms will definitely recur. They usually appear even more intense than the first time.

Thus, your psychiatrist will never recommend pills to treat anxiety without also recommending psychotherapy. The effects of drug Anxiety Treatment are only on the symptoms, not the causes. Besides this, it is important to take care of your daily routine, which should include sports and maintaining a balanced diet. You can read various medical articles written by specialists to learn more about your own anxiety disorder.


Anxiety Treatment – PSYCHOTHERAPY

The treatment of anxiety is considered from two points of view: medical and therapeutic. In many of our cases, they often go in parallel to create an effective framework for the therapeutic process.

Psychotherapist helps you to resolve certain emotional problems or to change certain aspects that make you vulnerable, as is the case with generalised anxiety. It aims to find out the states you are going through, to determine their cause, their intensity and age and what are the causes of the anxiety that contributed to the development of this problem.

A first part of the therapeutic process will focus on identification of the problem and finding the motivation to make the change happen.

Another part of the process focuses on problem analysis and finding alternative ways of dealing with it, other than current behavior.

During therapy we begin to acquire skills that help us become more and more resistant to harmful behaviors and increasingly powerful stimuli. When during this period of time we encounter a stimulus that is stronger than our current level, we are certainly tempted to engage in the same behavior that led to the emotional disturbance.

Therapy is a long-term process because it aims to change already mature behaviors.

The disorder itself is not the cause of your problems. It is just an effect, a method that the body has created to help you cope with certain problems.

Anxiety Treatment – PSYCHOEDUCATION

Psychoeducation Group: “Beyond fear”

tratament anxietate

Anxiety can severely alter your life. It can make you feel insecure inside and outside yourself, affecting self-confidence, relationships, personal and professional life.

In order to overcome these difficulties as effectively as possible, you need complex treatment, especially psychological and sometimes even medication. The psychological approach involves psychotherapy coupled with clear and objective information about the panic attack, emotional support and specific intervention techniques to overcome and prevent further episodes.

Regain your confidence in yourself and your strengths.

Anxiety Treatment Program – What is “Beyond Fear”

It is a specialized psychoeducation and psychotherapy program, created specifically by Hope Clinic as a treatment for anxiety and panic attacks.


Psychoeducation is a form of therapeutic intervention that combines psychotherapy and education. It can be used both in individual work and with families and is very beneficial for groups of people.

It plays a very important role in supporting interventions already underway – for example, in individual therapy or in the management of drug treatments.

Psychoeducation involves informing the person about the aspect that reflects the client’s present problem, but also therapeutic interventions based on various theoretical models (cognitive-behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, client-centered therapy, etc.).

Learning the principles as well as the basic skills to the patient considerably increases the effectiveness of the therapeutic act. Exist psychoeducation studies for anxiety that attest to this, as well as the indications of the latest international guidelines.

Why group psychotherapy?


Because we “form” ourselves in relationship, our own conception is based on relationship.

Most problems arise because of the relationships we have with others or with ourselves.

As humans we “show up” in a group from birth. This first group is the family, whether natural or adoptive. We are learning to relate to family members for the first time. Then we go to kindergarten where we have another group, then to school and then to a professional group.

In this psychotherapeutic orientation, the psychotherapist does not work with every member of the group. It focuses on the relationships that arise within the group. Each member will understand their contribution to the group and have the opportunity to choose to make a difference in their own life. At the same time you will benefit from the support of your colleagues and the professional help of the psychotherapist.

In this program we have included knowledge from the fields of neurobiology, cognitive-behavioral therapies, mindfulness and transactional analysis to provide you with the most relevant information and techniques needed to fight panic attacks.

Get rid of the unpleasantness caused by Anxiety QUICKLY and in the most correct way!

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Get rid of the unpleasantness caused by Anxiety QUICKLY and in the most correct way!

Make an appointment in our clinic in Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi