Mihaela Gavrila is a psychotherapist with training in Adlerian psychotherapy – individual, couple, and family psychotherapy.

  • Autonomous clinician psychologist with skills in psychoevaluation and psychoeducation
  • Personal development counsellor


  • Since 2022, collaborator with the Lindenfeld Association, the AJUNGEM MARI educational program, Psychological Services for children from foster care centers and disadvantaged environments
  • 2020-2021 Mihaela Gavrila was a DepreHUB Volunteer Psychologist, Happy Minds Association – Psychological Support for Adults and Adolescents
  • Since 2019, private practician of Adlerian Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology


Mihaela Gavrila – EDUCATION

  • Mihaela Gavrila has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Intervention, USH Bucharest
  • Bachelor in Psychology, USH Bucharest



  • Interview Wes Wingett- Adlerian Counseling and Training since 2021
  • Assessment and Intervention for children and adolescents – COGNIKIT, Cognitrom
  • Personal development, Vocational profile identification, Career guidance, Mental health assessment TPO (Online Psychological Testing), Cognitrom
  • Depression therapy in the 21st century. New procedures and technologies: DEPRETER, Cognitrom
  • Anxiety therapy in the 21st century. New procedures and technologies: PAXONLINE, Cognitrom
  • Eating Disorders Course – Clinical Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention, A.P.P.A.R.
  • Silva Method Training – Silva Life System Program, Silva International
  • Mihala Gavrila was Advisor for Personal Development, CCDU-Phoenix Association
  • Psychotherapist Training in Adlerian Psychology and Psychotherapy, A.P.P.A.R.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment Course, Center for Cognitive Psychotherapy Studies Metis
  • Course Projective Tests, Confident Training & Consulting
  • Reiki – First & Second degree, Reiki Alliance & Reiki Preservation Society, Master Robert Fueston
Mihaela Gavrila

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