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We are thrilled to announce that starting today, the Hope Clinic has started a partnership with the Medicover network, one of the most important private medical service provider in Romania.

Through this partnership, we make sure that we offer Romanian companies complete mental health services at the workplace, according to the guidelines and recommendations of the European Commission, adapted to the support needs of local companies. The partnership stands for the fact that the Hope Clinic offers its services towards covering the needs of Medicover – collaborating companies.

Our “Keep the Balance” program, dedicated to mental health in the workplace, brings the field’s most effective interventions together, providing the highest standards that any company in the country can benefit from!

We provide these services to answer the ever – growing calls for help from employers. Their worry for the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce is greater and greater, especially in the context we’re currently facing.

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One of the greatest medical service providers teams up with the Hope clinic to relieve the current needs of companies, and expand the range of services for their subscribers.

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The leader of private mental health clinics in Romania presents, yet again, a unique and complete program for Romanian companies. The program is backed up by studies, international recommendations, and is soon to be applied to the highest standards.

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“In recent years, the number of people with emotional and psychological disorders has risen sharply, and mental health interventions in the work place can have a strong impact in both the prevention and treatment of psychological and emotional disorders. Our goal has always been to only offer scientifically backed-up interventions, and that is why we are exalted to announce the launch of the Keep the Balance program, a unique program in Romania.  This is the only program that completely covers all recommendations given by international guides, while bringing together the most effective interventions in this field” states dr. Gabriella Bondoc, general director and founder of the Hope Clinic.

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“The emotional needs and stress felt by employees, especially in recent years, require a specialized approach. Today’s leaders must give due importance to the employee’s emotional and mental well-being in order to provide the framework needed for performance. Involvement in supporting mental health is the best investment for companies that are thinking long term. We are happy to offer partner companies, this medical strategy aimed at protecting the well-being of their own employees”, said Dr. Florinela Cîrstina, general director of Medicover Romania

The need of programs like "Keep the Balance"

Medicover partnership – In the context of alarming increase in mental health problems, especially within the workplace, we decided to answer Romanian company’s current needs with the launch of the “Keep the Balance” program, in partnership with Medicover. Thus, our unique “mental health in the workplace” program will add on to Medicover’s medical service subscriptions, and will include:

  • Counselling sessions for emotional management,
  • Individual and team motivation,
  • Burnout prevention tools


Counselling addresses both the management team and the employees, and includes step-by-step psychological audit, training courses, therapy, and performance and productivity improvement interventions.

Cum cresti performanta mintala si mentii starea de bine a angajatilor

Mental health in the workplace

About 38.2% of the EU populations suffers from some form of psychological condition yearly, according to most recent studies. At an organizational level, studies indicate that a low state of mental health and wellbeing is closely tied to poor business performance (Kivimaki and 2003 collab. Michie 2002, Spurgeon, Harrington and Cooper). This can lead to many unnecessary costs that each and every company bears.

Within the European Union, on a global scale:

  • 5% of the national budget is assigned to mental health
  • The yearly budget assigned to treating depression is 42 billion EUR
  • The yearly budget assigned to treating anxiety is 62 billion EUR

About Medicover

Since 1995, Medicover Romania has become one of the private healthcare market’s most important providers, with a 26 clinic-long chain in Bucharest and the rest of the country, 4 generalist hospitals; in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, and Craiova, 28 on-site doctor’s offices, and over 250 partnered medical units. Medicover hospitals meet the highest medical standards and offer a wide range of medical and surgical specialties.

Medicover Romania is a part of Medicover, an international healthcare services and diagnostics company, founded in 1995. Medicover operates an extended network of clinics, hospitals, specialized care facilities, and laboratories. Medicover’s main markets of operation are in Poland and Germany. In 2021, Medicover has had an income of 1.377 million euros and over 38.000 employees. For more info, visit:

About the Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic is the best mental healthcare clinic in the country, not judging only by general sales, but also by the number of professionals, clinics, and unique treatments we offer.

With a complete team of psychiatrists and psychologists, the Hope Clinic offers a complete range of mental health services, for children and adults alike. Our mission is to offer efficient, international guide-recommended interventions in Romania. That is why we have implemented more unique intervention programs, which can not only be beneficial to people suffering from severe psychological conditions (bipolar personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, teenagers with severe emotional issues, schizophrenia), but people who suffer from lighter afflictions, too (stress, exhaustion, anxiety, etc.).

As of right now, our clinic operates with 100 mental health specialists, and treats over 150 patients, on a daily basis.