If you suspect psychological problems, one of the first steps to take is psychiatric evaluation.

What does psychiatric evaluation entail?

It consists of 45-50 minute session with a specialized doctor, and will help establish:

-Your diagnostic

-Which testing is required for it, as well as your treatment of it. Excluding other illnesses is also necessary, as well as the general organism health assessment.

-Your blood count

– Transaminases, GGT, urea, creatinine, blood sugar, ionogram



– The level of thyroid hormones

– Neurological examination

– Internal medicine exam

– Brain computed tomography

– The way in which the treatment will be instituted: outpatient/hospitalization, depending on the severity of the disease

– Type of treatment: psychopharmacological, psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic or psychotherapeutic.

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Psychiatric evaluation has implications

It is possible that your doctor will ask to talk to your family members or acquaintances, with your permission.

It may take more initial consultations in order to establish a correct diagnosis, and deciding on a treatment option.

Psychiatric evaluation is confidential, as is your medical record. They can only be acquired and accessed by state authorities when under warranty. This is only possible if your data has relevancy to an active investigation. They cannot be solicited by relatives, acquaintances, or your workplace.

Psychiatric evaluation is based on data you provide to your doctor, which is why, if you wish to benefit from the best form of treatment and care, you need to have complete honesty towards them. Share all of your problems, as well as the changes in your mental state.


The Hope Clinic is dedicated to offering the best treatment for your mental and emotional health. How do we know which treatment best suits you? We apply the knowledge of the latest international treatment guides. We aim to offer the entire range of scientifically proven interventions, from medication, to types of psychotherapy.

Everything is organized in TREATMENT PROGRAMS, so that you’re always aware of our entire range of services you may need, as well as the path you have to take for your wellbeing.

We offer an individual approach, where you choose between psychiatric, drug-based treatment, psychotherapeutic treatment, and a mix of the two.

The advantage of choosing us consists of the fact that we are a clinic exclusively focused on mental health. Your psychiatrist and psychotherapist will always communicate and collaborate, as long as you provide permission. They apply specialized programs so that you benefit from the best and most efficient therapeutic progress.

Thus, your chances of solving the problems caused by your condition(s) are higher, and the time needed for the treatment to take effect will be shorter. The psychiatric evaluation will pay off faster, in a more adequate way.

The efforts of building correct treatment programs has brought the clinic an unexpected international appreciation in 2018. The Hope Clinic became the only clinic in Romania that has received, in May of 2018, the prestigious Rose of Paracelsus award, awarded by the European Medical Association, for “Best Medical Practice”.

Everything begins with a MEDICAL CONSULTATION.

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THE HOPE CLINIC has been perpetually growing and developing since 2009, starting from a concrete idea: providing only scientifically proven psychological treatment to patients in Romania, following international treatment recommendations. Having a complete psychiatrist and psychologist team, we keenly follow our goals, and consistently innovate, having launched no less than 4 kinds of international guide-recommended unique treatment programs, that sadly did not exist in Romania before we stepped up to the job.

With the help of our programs, we wish to increase your chances of recovering, and providing you with all the tools necessary for reclaiming your Hope and Balance!