What is group psychotherapy?

Group psychotherapy – is a form of therapy in which 1-2 therapists work with several people who have the same problem at the same time.

Everything takes place in a safe and confidential environment.

Group psychotherapy sessions help many people overcome emotional difficulties in their lives.

Studies show that for some specific mental disorders, group psychotherapy is the most efficient.

It is also recommended for certain personality or emotional state typologies.

This method is becoming more and more popular in Romania, thanks to its efficiency.

Why group psychotherapy?

Because we are shaped by our relationships, our concepts of ourselves are based on a relationship with ourselves.

Most problems show up because of the relationships we have with the people around us or with ourselves.

We, as people, are born within a group, be it natural or adoptive families. We first learn how to relate with our family members. Then, when we go to kindergarten, school, and work respectively, we are introduced to other groups.

Within this psychotherapeutic orientation, the psychotherapist does not work with each member of the group alone. They focus on the relationships that spring forth within the group. The therapist becomes a mirror for both the group as an ensemble, and the individual. Each member will understand their contribution to the group and will have the occasion to choose to change something within their lives. At the same time, the individual will benefit from both their colleagues’ support, and their therapist’s professional aid.

It is not the psychotherapist that has the power to solve the problems in the group, but each and every member instead, no matter the age or life experience.

When do I need group psychotherapy?

You need group psychotherapy when you need to resolve past problems or overcome personal insecurities. You’re not the only one facing these problems.

The main benefit of group psychotherapy is meeting people who are facing similar problems to yours, and observing how they relate to them. You will have the opportunity to make use of their experiences and approaches towards their own problems.

Group psychotherapy sessions are very useful in cases of introverted people. Often times, people seek individual therapy while lacking the courage needed to talk about certain issues. Within group psychotherapy, they will find an encouraging environment that focuses on this topic, offers solutions, and directly sees the results in applying them. Even if you’re not yet ready to talk about your problem, you can still find the answers you seek and apply them discreetly. Potentially, in the future, you will gain the courage to get involved directly. The bigger the intent of involvement, the greater the results.

What the psychotherapist can do:

  • Create an environment where each member feels secure when sharing their difficulties; confidentiality is most important within a therapist’s office.
  • Ensure there is no space for criticism or guilt.
  • Guide each member in reclaiming their role within their family’s portrait.
  • Make use of each of the member’s resources and initiatives in the healing process.
  • Support each of the members in sharing their thoughts and feelings in relation to difficulties showing up.

How long do group psychotherapy sessions last?

Contrasting individual therapy, group psychotherapy has a predetermined number of sessions.

In most specialized clinics, group therapists create a program. The program consists of a number of stages, and aims to observe certain results from its participants. Going through these stages, members of the group are certain to benefit from both evolution, and finality.

Generally, group psychotherapy programs last a few months.

Group psychotherapy sessions take place on a weekly basis. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

To ensure maximum efficiency in the therapeutic process, each member’s weekly participation is required according to the ensemble decided upon by the therapist at the beginning of the process.

In psychotherapy, change is an extremely complex process that springs from the complex interactions between human experiences.

How much do group psychotherapy sessions cost?

Group psychotherapy sessions are much more affordable than individual psychotherapy sessions.

The fact that the therapist works with a multitude of people at a time makes group psychotherapy up to 40% cheaper.

The prices of group psychotherapy sessions also depends on the diagnostic the group is focused on, but not by much.

How many types of group psychotherapy are there?

When we talk about group psychotherapy, we do not mean family psychotherapy or couple therapy.

Depending on the intensity of the work, therapy groups are divided in 2 categories:

group psychotherapy

support group

Group psychotherapy  – is about education and healing your therapist will guide you through until you reach a certain level of stability. The therapist is the one establishing the level desired to be reached, at the beginning of the process.

Support group – dedicated to people who have finished the therapeutic side of the process. They’ve learned all there is to learn from a therapist, they know their methods and advice, and managed to get over their problem. They live in a balanced relationship with their emotional issues. In order for this balance not to be broken, participation in support groups is recommended. These groups are more similar to periodic reunions between the patients, although supervised by a professional. The main focus is on members helping each other keep their balance, and keep themselves motivated. Generally, they help you keep in touch with the other members’ progress in order to maintain your own.

Everything begins with a DOCTOR’S CONSULTATION

Is it difficult for you to manage emotional problems?
Call for specialized help. Make an appointment in our clinic in Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi

Is it difficult for you to manage emotional problems?
Call for specialized help. Make an appointment in our clinic in Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi