About the Hope Clinic – When you feel psychological pain, the last thing you need are the cold, crowded hallways of a hospital or polyclinic that everybody knows is intended for „crazy” people. You don’t want to wait in line and have everyone stare at you, thinking “Look at that poor thing, they look normal, but they probably have something going on”. You don’t need to shove or make space for yourself, to hold your place in line, or to hurry up as to not waste the doctor’s time. You don’t need anyone’s “sage advice”, nor do you need to be treated with superiority. In the Hope Clinic, you can find all the comfort and understanding you need!

You need intimacy, warmth, and understanding; you need patience and gentleness; you need the respect your unique mind deserves. Even if your problem can be labeled as a diagnostic; you deserve punctuality and confidentiality.

Within our walls, we openly talk about psychological conditions, because the first step towards healing is acceptance – you need support.

If you find yourself in a rough spot, you can regain your mental wellbeing with the calm, understanding, and respectful aid of a professional.

You will certainly find the solution to any problem, in a warm, welcoming environment.

About the Hope Clinic - It offers integral psychological health services for the whole family

Through the psychological, psychotherapeutic, and psychiatric services that we develop and restlessly promote, we fulfill our daily mission of offering people the chance for correct treatment.

The Hope Clinic stands for expertise, professionalism, empathy, confidentiality, and punctuality.

Ever since 2016, the year we founded the clinic, we have developed four programs that are unique in Romania. They are complete programs for affective disorders in adults and teens that have a multidisciplinary approach; we only combined methods recommended and validated by scientific studies.

One important thing to mention About the Hope Clinic is that, in 2018, it received the Rose of Paracelsus award from the European Medical Association. This is the first instance of this international association recognizing a clinic in Romania. The award was given for excellence in the organization, implementation, and modernization of healthcare services.

fotografie medic primar psihiatru Gabriella Bondoc

About the Hope Clinic - WE OFFER:

About the Hope Clinic

  • We offer psychological healthcare services up to the standards set by international medical guides.
  • Direct integration of the most recent scientific studies in clinical experience.
  • Specialized bipolar personality disorder and borderline personality disorder treatment programs, only found within our services in Romania.
  • The only complete dialectic-behavioral therapy program in Romania.
  • A multidisciplinary approach, where the psychotherapist and psychiatrist closely collaborate with the client and their family, in order to obtain the best possible results.
  • Services tailored to the client’s personality, objectives, context of life, and resources.
  • Within the Hope Clinic, our priorities are complete confidentiality, and a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment.
  • Specialists with excellent interpersonal skills, personally motivated by the desire to contribute to a positive transformation in people’s lives.
  • Top expertise in dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT) through our specialists, founding members of the Romanian Association of Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy.
  • Open communication about the most common medical mental health conditions. All with the purpose to raise awareness of the most common affective disorders and the chances of 100% recovery.

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