The Hope Clinic’s mission and values

Mission and values – When you feel psychological pain, you certainly need empathy, understanding, and counselling. You don’t want to see the cold, crowded, personality-lacking hallways of an unappealing hospital or clinic considered to cater to “crazy” people. You don’t need to wait in line while people stare at you, labelling you as “crazy”. You don’t need to shove to make space for yourself, to hold your place in line, or to hurry up as to not waste the doctor’s time. You don’t need anyone’s “sage advice”, nor do you need to be treated with superiority.

The Hope Clinic is the best mental healthcare clinic in the country, not only judging by general sales, but also by the amount of professionals and unique treatments we have to offer.

Mission and values – We begin our journey in 2009

Our perpetual development started with a clear idea; offering Romanian patients only psychological treatments with scientifically proven effectiveness. With a complete team of psychiatrists and psychologists, we eagerly follow our missions and values, having no less than 5 types of unique treatment programs that were recommended by the international guides, but were not present in Romania before we intervened.

Our efforts have allowed people with severe psychological disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder, teenagers with severe emotional issues) to benefit from complete treatments, of the highest standards.



For all kinds of disorders and psychological needs of adults and children alike.

Mission and values – We are here for you and we wish to offer you services of the highest standards!

You need intimacy, warmth, and understanding; you need patience and gentleness; you need punctuality and confidentiality; the uniqueness of your mind deserves respect, even if it fits within a diagnostic

What you will find within our services:


  • Professionalism
  • A warm, intimate space that you can feel at home in, rather than feeling like in your typical doctor’s office.
  • Strict respect in regards to the time of your appointments.
  • Empathy
  • Confidentiality
  • A personalized treatment plan that contains medication and/or individual or group therapy.