What is Hope Corporate?

Specialized mental health services for your employees.

Every time,

We presented a new treatment program which respects the international guides and recommendations to Romania,

We aimed for it to be comprehensive, complete, and applied to the highest standards.

This time, we aim to provide the best mental health practices your EMPLOYEES and COMPANY can benefit from.

The “Keep the Balance” program, is the only COMPLETE mental health in the workplace program in Romania, which makes sure to improve performance!

It is scientifically proven that 1 USD invested in employees’ mental health brings a profit of 9 USD to the company.

Effects of mental health in the workplace

servicii de sanatate mintala pentru angajati

Mental health costs for companies

  • Days lost to workplace stress (EU-OSHA, 2000) – 50-60%
  • Psychological disorder costs in Germany – 3 M. EUR
  • Annual productivity loss in the UK – 3.7 B. GBP
  • People affected by stress, that caused losses of 830 – 1.656 M. EUR (France) – 500 – 335.000
  • Work days lost to work-related stress, depression, or self-reported anxiety in the Great Britain (HSE, 2010) – 11.4 M. GBP
  • Average mental health-related absence time in the UK – 31 days
sanatatea mintala a angajatilor

Mental health in the workplace

Both the workplace and the individual employee’s characteristics influence each other. They can function both as protective and negative factors to mental health.

sanantatea mintala a angajatilor

Poor workplace performance

  • High personnel rotation
  • Early retirement
  • Workplace complaints and disputes (OMS, 2005);
  • Anxiety: 66 B. EUR/year
  • Disposition disorders (major and bipolar depression): 113 billion EUR/year (Gustavsson and collab., 2011)
  • Sick leaves and loss of productivity with cause of DEPRESSION – 76 M EUR/year (OECD, 2008).
keep the balance


At any point, most employees will be in the “prospering in the workplace” category, but with frequent shifts between prospering “while struggling”, and “sick, possibly on holiday”

Figure 1: Three phases people experience while working

Trei faze pe care oamenii le experimentează în muncă

Luckily, investing in mental health in the workplace is one of the best investments a company can make! Profits are real, measurable, and scientifically proven by multiple studies carried out along the years

We present to you, the Keep the Balance program

THE ONLY COMPLETE mental health in the workplace program in ROMANIA.

The program is based on scientific proof: the Canadian, Australian, and British guides. It is meant to cover all aspects necessary in order to maintain employees’ mental health, even in the context of a pandemic. The “Keep the Balance” program has been created to highest international standards by one of the best mental health specialists in Romania – the Hope Clinic team.

The program is meant to improve your employees’ mental health so that they feel much happier within the company, they work more fruitfully, and are more involved in the team. Their rate of emotionally-motivated absenteeism will also decrease.

It is structured on 3 levels. Right from the first level, you can benefit from recommendations about how to manage the mental health problematic within the company.

Investing in mental health brings multiple benefits.

ce este keep the balance

How much do companies that invest in employees’ mental health earn?

There is already solid, scientifically proven evidence that points to a very interesting return of the investment at the level of promoting mental health in the workplace. Among the advantages indicated by them are:

The meta-analysis realized by Westgaard and Winkel (2011) indicates an increased efficacy of risk management, and a way of improving risk management in complex organizational contexts. In other words, employees will be able to cope brilliantly with potential periods of crisis of the company, and can efficiently manage solving problems in tight spots.

Organizational interventions are a necessary criteria of holistic approaches, and are efficient with tackling mental health in the workplace risks.

Thus, a mental health in the workplace program has shown a 9.69 GBP return for each expense of 1 GBP on the program.

Furthermore, an early diagnostic and treatment of a depression program in the workplace has shown a return to the investment of 5.03 GBP for each 1 GBP spent on the program.

Generally, in 12 programs studied by Matrix Rapport, 2013, the investment return has varied from 1.75 GBP to 83.73 GBP.

The most efficient intervention methods have an increased financial return through: reducing absenteeism (Leka, 2014); presentism (Knapp, 2011); levels of anxiety and depression; increasing productivity.

The HOPE Clinic’s evolution and success is further guarantee of the quality of our KEEP THE BALANCE program

KEEP THE BALANCE – The 3 levels

hope corporate

Level 1 – Keep Calm


  1. Psychological hearing
  2. Increasing the level of awareness and communication regarding mental health by two methods:

A – Training managers to be more understanding, to detect and communicate about mental health

B – Monthly themed training for employees, regarding mental health, derived from psychological hearing and chosen by the organization’s members

Psychological Hearing


Evaluating necessities, risks, and needs from the point of view of mental health is comprised of ample assessment:

  • Confidential questionnaires about attention span, awareness and communication about mental health within the organization
  • Evaluation questionnaires on risk factors related to mental health
  • Management style assessment
  • Evaluation managers’ knowledge on mental health
  • Screening questionnaires regarding anxiety, depression, and quality of life
  • Interviews with deciding factors from HR and management regarding previously discovered mental health needs

These evaluations will be followed by a series of specific recommendations regarding the specific needs of the organization

A. Leaders’ TRAINING

Direct benefits:
  • Establishes mental health as an important component in organizational culture, with benefits regarding keeping personnel, and increasing productivity
  • Increases awareness of the problem through propagating it to team members in periodic assessment meetings and surveillance activities
  • Decreases collective stigmatization
  • Increases the chance of discovering emotional problems through the manager taking specialized training courses on detecting and communicating about them.
  • Decreases necessary time of recovery after illness
  • Decreases presentism through seeking out help faster and decreasing stigmatization

B. Employees’ TRAINING

Direct benefits:

Preventing psychological disorders and emotional problems consists of:

  • Increasing coping abilities, especially in the context of a pandemic
  • Increasing psychological abilities in weak fields of expertise

Being aware of early signs of emotional disorders and informed about early intervention procedures can bring balance to people who feel stress or incipient emotional disorders.

“Leaders and managers should visibly prove that they can healthily communicate to their employees that they can construct a healthy workplace. This shows employees that good mental health is important and encourages them to engage in positive practices” – Mentally Healthy Workplace Toolkit – Australian Guide – 2018

Level 2 – Keep Good Vibe

  1. Support with contacting a specialist
  2. Incorporating services within a comprehensive and modern EAP, addressing your mental health.
  3. Assuring completely confidential access to mental health interventions for people with psychological or emotional disorders.
  4. The only program that includes Return To Work for people with leaves related to mental disorders/maternity leaves
  5. Guarantees emergency interventions 24/7


Each employer’s facilitating of the access to mental health services for people who are suffering emotionally is one of the base elements of a good employee’s assistance program (EAP), it being considered a priority of the employer. (Willis Towers Watson Survey: Employer Survey, March 2017, Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit, Australia, 2018)

hope coporate nivelul 2
hope corporate nivelul 3

Level 3 – Keep Up the Success

Level 1 aims to increase awareness on preventing disorders and improving employees’ and managers’ abilities in various mental health fields.

Level 2 creates a quick intervention environment, support regarding access to a specialist and integrating services in a comprehensive and modern mental health EAP.

Level 3 aims to maintain individual and collective performance, through interventions for people who do not yet suffer from emotional distress, but have begun the process of decreasing performance. These workplace interventions prove the company’s involvement and engagement in not only keeping good mental health, but also in overcoming personal and team barriers that impede performance.

  • Improves, maintains, and increases employees’ performance and drive.
  • Experienced psychotherapists at your employees’ disposal

Level 3 services


  • Include the first two levels, as well as:
Counselling services on specific problems at the employer’s headquarters, including performance coaching10/month50 minutes/session, 2-3 sessions/week
Interventions regarding facilitation of group communication – group interventions at the employer’s headquarters, aiming to increase performance for sales/accounting/brand manager teams1/month90 minutes/intervention

Maintaining performance


Performance is low in times of stress even for the most motivated employees, and the pandemic can even affect the apparently “perfectly functional” ones.


Are not looking for professionals that work at the expected level, rather, they look for people or teams that are performant and can keep the necessary motivation.


Coaching done by psychotherapists is based on identifying and modifying individual psychological factors that block or slow down individual progress


Must be given to the strong TOO


All people in HR have had members in their team that seemed to have all necessary qualities to perform, and yet they hadn’t. These people only rarely go to therapy and become a wasted investment for the company.


Is meant to modify risk factors that upkeep defective group dynamics and is dedicated to employees who wish to be in therapy at the workplace.

Why choose Keep The Balance?


✓ Complete program

✓ Based on international recommendations and evidence

✓ Flexible to the company’s needs

✓ Greater ROI if all 3 levels are implemented

✓ Flexibility and confidentiality

✓ 50% less sick leaves

✓ 20% less vacation days

✓ 400% more productivity


 The HOPE Clinic is the leader of the mental health market in Romania judging by:


Business Digit (1,8 mil. EUR/2021)

✓ Monthly consultations (over 6.500)

✓ Amount of specialists (over 110)

✓ Level of performance and complexity in specialized treatment programs offered (5 programs UNIQUE to Romania that are supported by multiple studies and meta analyses).

What makes us different?


✓ We are the largest private network of doctors and psychologists in the country, providing complete treatment programs identical to the ones in countries like: Sweden, Switzerland, and the Great Britain,

✓ We know how to tackle all kinds of disorders like the back of our hand; we offer quality services for each employee in your company!

✓ We provide a large amount of professionals experienced in treating the most difficult mental disorders.

✓ A multitude of people benefit from quality services, including cases that are normally ignored because of the severity of their disorder!

✓ Your company won’t be left on the hands of one or two specialists, but of a team of capable mental health experts.

✓ We are the only Romanian mental health clinic awarded for Best Medical Practice

The HOPE Clinic is the leader of the mental health market in Romania: Business Digit (1,4 mil. EUR/2020).

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Employees’ mental health – There are plenty of aspects to tackle within the work environment. A meeting with one of our specialists will clarify problems you’re tackling and will help establish a strict action plan to help solve them as quickly as possible.


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