The family is the basic nucleus into which we are born. It is the "membrane" that protects us, in which we grow and in which we are formed as unique beings. The family helps and supports us in building the "safety base", the foundation on which each of us will build our personality.

We are born into our family, we are formed in our family relationships, we learn to love or hate in our family. It is our first playground, our first loving relationship, it is the "start" on the road that is called life.
What we receive in the family we carry with us further into society, into our relationships outside the family, into the groups we choose to belong to.

The context of family psychotherapy

Because we “form” ourselves in relationship, our own conception is based on relationship. We “show up” in a group from the moment we are born, and this first group is family; whether natural or adoptive. We learn to relate to family members for the first time. Then we go to kindergarten, where we have another group, then to school and then to a professional group.

Sesiunile de psihoterapie de familie, de cuplu si de grup au ca principal obiectiv familia/cuplul/grupul văzute ca un „tot”. Exact ca un organism viu care este într-o permanentă dinamică dată de interacțiunile din cadrul familiei/cuplului/grupului.

Sessions of family psychotherapy, of couple and group have as their main goal the family/couple/group as a “whole”. Just like a living organism that is in a permanent dynamic given by the interactions within the family/couple/group.

In the process of family psychotherapy, the psychotherapist does not work with each member of the family/couple/group as a component member of the group. He/she works with the relationships that arise within the group. They are a “mirror” both for the group and for each individual member within that group  therapy group. Each family member/couple/group will understand their contribution to the group. He/she will have the opportunity to choose to make a change in his/her own life. But he/she will benefit from both family/couple/group support and professional help from the psychotherapist.


It is not the psychotherapist who has the power to solve problems in the family/couple/group, but each individual member, regardless of age or life experience. The family, as a whole, must work with themselves in this process.

Family psychotherapy - What can the psychotherapist do?

  • Create a space where each member during the family psychotherapysessions can feel secure when they express their difficulties, their complaints; in the psychotherapist’s office they know that they can enjoy confidentiality;
  • Assurance that no one will be criticised and blamed;
  • Each member will be guided in reclaiming their role and lost place in the family picture;
  • The psychotherapist will support each member’s resources and initiatives in the healing process;
  • Each member will be supported to express their feelings and thoughts in relation to the occurrence of difficulties.

The frequency of the family psychotherapy sessions, couple psychotherapy and group psychotherapy is weekly. Each session lasts 50 minutes for families and couples and 90 minutes for groups.

For the therapeutic process to be effective, all members of the family, the couple, the group must participate in each session, according to the formula established with the psychotherapist at the beginning of the therapeutic process.

Change in the family psychotherapy process has enormous complexity, arising from the intricate interactions of human experiences.

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