The only mental health clinic in Romania that has received an international distinction for good medical practices.

Awarded for excellence in the field of public health


Only few know that the population-wide frequency of psychological disorders has surpassed 33% (the average is between 16-44%). Soon, the frequency will reach 50% (meaning that 1 out of 2 people will have a form of psychological condition for the rest of their lives). Recent analyses made by the World Health Organization show that mental illness is the main source of wasted youth, globally. This percentage has grown by 41% in the last 10 years. As a result, this category of medical conditions has become the most frequent and severe, through its impact on quality of life. In spite of these dire conditions, only around 50% of severely affected people call for professional help. When it comes to lighter afflictions, the percentage goes as down as 10%.


Hope Clinic’s awards – Lack of knowledge on mental health, stigmatization, financial situation, and the lack of widespread, quality services are the main reasons Romanians hesitate to call for professional help. In this context, within our clinic, we set our sights towards offering sufferers of mental illnesses, the highest standard of treatment programs. Not only do we have a complete team of psychiatrists and psychologists, but the clinic has also implemented international guide-recommended psychological interventions, that were not found anywhere in Romania before we stepped up to the job. As of right now, however, we are proud to announce our newest-obtained certification;


This objective was not easy to achieve, considering the indifference of authorities, the difficult accreditation processes, and the reluctance of people towards methods they are not familiar with. We have reached a point where we get more and more appreciation from patients, but also from the medical world.

rose of paracelus
certificat iso


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Efforts to build complete treatment programs have brought the clinic an unexpected international appreciation in 2018. For its innovative programs, the Hope Clinic becomes the first mental health clinic, and only clinic in Romania to receive the prestigious “Rose of Paracelsus” award, for “The best medical practices”.


The awards ceremony took place on MAY 17th, 2018. The location was in the Oxford Academic Lounge, headquarters of the European Medical Association (EMA) in OXFORD, UK. The award was handed by Dr. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the EMA himself.

The Rose of Paracelsus award is annually awarded by the European Medical Association and the European Business Awards to clinics outside West Europe that have excelled in the field of public health, in organizing, implementing, and modernizing healthcare services.


Field of research; clinical studies with therapeutic benefits in psychiatry

To us, both molding our services towards satisfying a client’s every need, and guaranteeing our team’s competence are vital! We set our sights towards offering services to the highest standards, the most efficient and comprehensive treatments, and our obtaining of this certificate, once again proves that we have guaranteed these qualities.

Getting the ISO certificate means we have respected general criteria put in place for the development, implementation, and improvement of quality management systems, in order to satisfy clients’ requests.

The Hope Clinic respects the following criteria:

– Molding all our services and products after our clients’ needs

– Guaranteeing employee and society management competences

– The best possible planning of quality management, product design, procurement, order processing and improvement of the quality management system

3 Innovative treatment programs for adults and teenagers


Hope Clinic’s awards – The reason why the Hope Clinic was awarded is because it has launched, as of now, 3 innovative treatment programs for adults, and another for adolescents. We offer a complete treatment for bipolar personality disorder through the “Navigand printre poli” program. We are proud to see that the specialty guides published in 2017 are being respected. We brought the golden standard for treating borderline personality disorder – dialectic personality disorder – to Romania, through the “Gaseste-ti echilibrul” program. The “Conexiuni” program offers sufferers of schizophrenia hope of living normal lives again, and uses a combination of group therapy and social skills training courses.

The INSPIR-A program is the only program dedicated to adolescents with severe behavioral disorders, self-harm or suicide.

Each of these programs is a story of success and a crowning achievement for the efforts of our entire team. They all provide correct treatment, their efficiency being proven internationally within hundreds of studies. We can already start seeing the worth of these studies by looking into the encouraging evolution of Romanian patients

This award is an acknowledgment of the high level of professionalism of the entire team. Specialists involved in the initial implementation of these innovative projects deserve a special mention. They brought this award to the clinic, alongside me:


We were very glad to be nominalized for getting this distinction. It represents the recognition of our dedication to developing and improving Romanian medical services. It is the first time Romania has participated in this event and we hope we represented our country successfully. The fact that the selection is not based on propositions makes us even more grateful to have received it. The news of our nominalization was a very pleasant surprise.

                                                                                                      Gabriella Bondoc  – Founder of the Hope Clinic


Hope Clinic’s awards – The Rose of Paracelsus award is annually awarded by the European Medical Association and the European Business Awards to those who have excelled in the field of public health. The main criteria is also excelling in organizing, implementing, and modernizing general healthcare services.

Every year in the last 25 years, the association reviews relevant information from the year before. They then select regionally prominent medical assistance providers, and medics who have proved their success at a regional scale. The best regional medical institutions and their leaders are selected to participate in the Best Medical Practice program.

This is proof that, even in Romania, we offer mental health services up to international scientific standards. In this important field, it is imperative that we choose scientifically recommended methods for every psychological disorder. It is essential to secure our upmost success in helping others find their balance again.

Obtaining this award is a recognition and certification of our efforts to offer the best forms of treatment to patients.


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Hope Clinic’s awards – ISO Certificate

What the ISO 9001 certificate is

ISO 9001 is an international standard that states the quota that needs to be met by a society’s management system so that their services are as qualitative as possible. Meeting said quota assures the business’ smooth development, and the satisfaction of its clients. With this certificate, the company can certify the quality of its services.

What is ISO?

ISO is short for the International Standardization Organization. The organization was founded in 1947 and promotes commercial and industrial standards on a global scale.

The Hope Clinic respects all requirements necessary for getting this certification.

The certificate is recognized internationally, being in use in 175 countries as a basis for the health management system, offering clients exceptional safety.



What does getting this certificate entail?

If an organization receives the ISO 9001 certificate, it has proved:

  • Its ability to meet its clients, partners and laws’ requirements
  • To be growing its credibility and trust in its products and services’ quality
  • Its ability to perpetually grow its framework for continuous improvement


Why choose an ISO-certificated company?

The difference between soliciting a mental health clinic that certifies its services’ quality and a clinic that cannot, is the same as the difference between choosing the best and most appropriate treatment for your condition, and a treatment that cannot meet our needs. Trusting a company’s services is very important. Each and every one of us has the right to benefit from the best services, mental health or otherwise.

The Hope Clinic provides the best specialists in the field for treating all kinds of mental health issues. Through them, we offer services of the highest quality to our clients!